Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Darnley coming to the Party!!!

I received a call from our Supervisor today advising on an issue we raised with them on final inspection. Basically, our tiling in the Alfresco/Veranda has some 'fall' issues, water pools in places when it rains etc.

At the time of the inspection, we said we'd see how we felt about it over the 3 month maintenance period. Well, it didn't take long before we saw this as a real hassle and something we'd have to deal with for rest of our time in the house - which is long term. So I advised our Supervisor and Darnley's Construction Manager that we'd really like this issue brought forward and options discussed.

Now that they are all back from holidays, the call I received today confirmed that they are going to rip up all the tiles and redo the levelling and retile for us. A whole batch of new tiles were delivered today!

Well done and Thank you Darnley!

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